Real Estate Tax Shelter in California 1031 Exchange

Prevent Capital Gains Tax in 48 Hours or Less with a Solid 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara.

Our commitment to client success has proven to save hundreds of thousands even millions in lost tax penalties to the IRS. You do not have to lose on the sale of your investment property or be forced into buying another piece of real estate. Invest in a 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara!

Are you in a situation with your 1031 Exchange? Get help with a 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara.

We have the solution to the some of the questions our clients have like:

  • What can I do if I haven’t found a suitable 1031 Exchange property to purchase?

  • What options do I have if my 1031 Exchange property purchase agreement fell through?

  • What should I do if the 1031 Exchange property seller backed out of the transaction?

  • What choices do I have if there’s not enough time left in my 1031 Exchange process?

If this sounds like the position you’re currently in: There’s absolutely no need to panic
It’s not too late to get you the help you need and super fast too!
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With over 10 years of commercial real estate experience, and a reputation for retaining our client’s investment, we hit a home run with the 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara, CA.

This is the conservative approach to preserving that 2022 California Capital Gains Tax, all while providing a great return on investment!

We were running out of time and this 1031 Exchange compliant fund was the clear answer to our impending tax problem. It was a simple solution to securing our investment.

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Capital Gains Tax Shelter California 1031 Exchange

Our 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara Mission

We help facilitate the most smooth transaction of large funds from real estate investments with a 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara. Out of time with your 1031 exchange? No more paying the IRS part of your inheritance or investment because the time to sell is now. No need to get out and find another piece of real estate property immediately to prevent Capital Gains Tax. Invest comfortably while making a great return on investment with our 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara.

Together we can set your mind at ease with the affordability of time. Enough time to make the right choice for your investment.

01. I’m out of time with my 1031 Exchange. Is this 1031 Exchange fund the right choice for me?

Our Santa Barbara County 1031 Exchange qualified fund will afford you the time you need to make an educated decision on what to do regarding the future of your 1031 Exchange investment.

02. Will I have to transfer real estate proceeds to satisfy my 1031 Exchange, even if the seller backs out?

Without an extension, Yes. You will have to transfer funds within the 45 day period or face steep tax implications. That’s why our 1031 Exchange Fund is the best option right here in Santa Barbara!

03. What type of Real Estate funds are allowed in your 1031 Exchange fund?

Any capital is allowed in our investment including 1031 Exchange qualified commercial buildings, apartment complexes, industrial properties, etc. This property can be located anywhere in Santa Barbara or the state of California.

California 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange Fund Tax Advantages in Santa Barbara, CA

With the leverage of our fund, you do not have to hurry up and purchase another piece of real estate. 
Our protected 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara investment fund allows you to take your time while earning
7% return on your existing financial investment.

Real Estate Tax Shelter

Real Estate Tax Shelter Plan

Tax Advantage

Real Estate Tax Advantages

Capital Gains Tax

Avoid Capital Gains Tax upon sale

Real Estate Investment

Stable return commercial property

Santa Barbara 1031 Exchange Fund
Santa Barbara California 1031 Exchange Fund

If you’re looking for more information on how to avoid some unnecessary tax spending, check out more on tax havens. Be sure to close on a 1031 exchange property in a timely fashion to avoid capital gains tax.

By using a qualified 1031 exchange fund we provide access to, you can avoid having to figure out how to get an 1031 exchange extension, or try to figure out how to get out of a 1031 exchange.  Some people prefer to choose a TICA Tenant-In-Common Association to speed up the closing process within days rather than spending a long time trying to identify like and kind property that makes sense to purchase. 

There are a few different ways to avoid California Capital Gains Tax, but we can also help if you’re looking for more information on California Capital Gains Tax in general.  There are a lot of things you need to know regarding the 1031 Exchange rules in California, and you should be well versed on how a 1031 Exchange in California functions first.  This also includes knowing and understanding about the possible problems you may encounter with a 1031 Exchange, so be sure to identify these potential issues and determine whether a 1031 Exchange Fund Santa Barbara is right for your investment strategy.

Looking for Replacement 1031 Exchange Fund Properties or a Commercial Real Estate Investment Property?

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How to Avoid California Capital Gains Tax

We specialize in helping clients avoid having to pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in Capital Gains Taxes in Santa Barbara from the sale of these types of properties

Investment Properties

Industrial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Apartment Complexes

Commercially Zoned Land

1031 Exchange Tax Shelter California
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